Dragana Tomić, founder of CSRE and program coordinator for value based business education,   holds an MBA in Training and Consulting, as well as a Joint European MA in Comparative Local Development for the Balkans and other areas in transition at the University of Trento, Italy. Her areas of expertise are Human Resources Management, Organization development and change, supporting Local/Regional development initiatives, business and organizational training, entrepreneurship training. Dragana has a successful record of Managing HR Department, as well as partnering with a number of public and non-government organizations, including Serbian Agency for the Development of SME’s; Republic Network of Regional Agency for SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development; Republic of Serbia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia; Regional Chamber of Commerce Uzice; Regional Chamber of Commerce Valjevo; The Regional Environmental Centar for Central and Eastern Europe & UNDP-GEF; USAID.

Friends – associates are all our acquaintances and people of good who unselfishly and according to their capabilities are helping and developing this idea and the Center together with us.